Making The Best Use of your Free CloudFlare Account

For most website owners a free CloudFlare CDN account provides all the benefits you need to offset some of the traffic and heavy lifting of your web server, increase the number of users and requests served, and save bandwidth costs - without any additional hardware or software costs.

Free accounts are limited to creating a maximum of 3 rules. Using these rules effectively will provide the benefits above.

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1. Don't Cache the Back Office

The first rule you'll want to immediately define in CloudFlare is "*". You'll want to bypass cache, and set always online to off.

2. Aggressively Cache Everything Else

The next rule is pretty liberal. You want to cache everything on the site for as long as possible. Be sure to ask yourself how often content is updated and feel free to experiment with the settings we suggest. In the end, UmbracoFlare will always clear the cache for you when content is saved and published, or you can use it to clear cache for specific items.

You'll want to create this rule for "*". You should set caching to cache everything, set edge cache expire ~ 6 days, set browser cache ~ 8 days, set always online to on, set performance to on, and the rest of the settings can be used as appropriate to your project.

3. The Third Rule Is Yours

With everything being cached aggressively, you'll most likely want to use this third rule to support another area of your website that should not be cached. Remember that rules at the top of the list take priority, so if this is a bypass cache rule, rearrange your rules so this is at the top.

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